Alcohol problems aren’t for life, and AA isn’t the only option 8 things film and TV get wrong about drug and alcohol treatment

In 1945’s The Lost Weekend, a struggling novelist tries to loosen his writer’s block with booze, to devastating effect. In Days of Wine and Roses, released in 1962, Jack Lemmon slides into alcoholism along with his wife, played by Lee Remick. He finds help through AA, but she rejects the group and loses her family. My experiment was driven by personal curiosity, not scientific inquiry. But it certainly felt as if I were unlearning something—the pleasure of that first glass? J.G.’s despair was only heightened by his seeming lack of options. “Every person I spoke with told me there was no other way,” he says. Started drinking at 15, when he and a friend experimented in his parents’ liquor cabinet.

  • The sober/sober-curious group acknowledges that all of its members do things differently and have different philosophies about drinking.
  • He is unlikely to consider moderation as a goal for patients with severe alcohol-use disorder.
  • But although few people seem to realize it, there are alternatives, including prescription drugs and therapies that aim to help patients learn to drink in moderation.
  • My family and my friends who have known me for 20 years recognize that I’m an alcoholic—they knew long before I did.

The 28-day program, popular in the United States, actually has nothing to do with the optimum treatment period. Drug use and addiction are popular themes in movies and television, but they often get things very wrong. Here are eight common myths recovery without aa about drugs you’ll see on the silver screen. Paula Ross is a guest lecturer at Australian Catholic University and a psychologist consultant for a drug and alcohol consultancy. Jarryd Bartle is a consultant for a drug and alcohol consultancy.


Most of them involve an oyster swimming in its own juice or tomato juice, though sometimes it’s cocktail sauce. Usually there’s a lemon wedge and some hint of Tabasco — and yes, there’s usually at least a little booze. Use our form below to speak with an addictions specialist today. Let our team of experts in the addiction field help point you in the right direction. The group also focuses on individual strengths, not weaknesses, as a way to inspire change in the fellow members of the community.
recovery without aa
Even if you choose not to do AA, that doesn’t mean you have to fight your addiction alone. A counselor can address your personal issues and hold you accountable for your addiction. Studies show that certain brain chemicals play a role in addiction. It also promotes confidence and structure, which are important to recovery. Some people might be too far away to get to a meeting. They might have commitments at the same time or childcare responsibilities.


Despite this, they entered the study that would change most of their lives. At that point, they’re unable to control their alcohol use which can permanently ruin their health. Ironically, thanks in great part to the work I did in 12-step programs, I learned that alcoholism wasn’t my only problem — or even my biggest problem. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, it’s important to find the right program. With so many options, it’s always a good idea to talk to professionals. They can help you decide what treatment methods are right for you. Search our rehab directory to find the nearest treatment center to you. CBT is one of the best ways to treat drug or alcohol abuse.

AA is a secret society with no accurate active member count and no measurable success rate.An articleinWiredon the organization’s 75th anniversary reported that, from the best information available, AA doesn’t work. Multiple accredited sources report that AA members fail to stay sober more often than they succeed. Wiredreports that it does and Sober House I believe that it does.Wiredalso reports that group talk therapy like the sharing that occurs in AA helps people recovering from cancer and pathogen-driven diseases like tuberculosis. My takeaway is that it benefits people suffering from a hardship to congregate with other people suffering from the same hardship to talk about their experiences.

Ways to Get Sober Without AA

I don’t believe in God or a Higher Power or spirituality of any kind. All of these things taken in sum cannot make me a dry drunk. Because when I stopped drinking, I filled that gaping chasm in my life with the opposite of drinking. I wrote, I learned how to fix and modify guitars, I learned to run, box, kickbox and suffer gladly the torturous workouts my trainer Tracy Helsing devised.
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In therapy sessions, Castrén asks patients to weigh the pleasure of drinking against their enjoyment of these new activities, helping them to see the value of change. Still, the combination of naltrexone and therapy doesn’t work for everyone. Some clients opt to take Antabuse, a medication that triggers nausea, dizziness, and other uncomfortable reactions when combined with drinking. And some patients are unable to learn how to drink without losing control. In those cases , Castrén recommends total abstinence from alcohol, but she leaves that choice to patients. “Sobriety is their decision, based on their own discovery,” she told me.

She’s interested in finding solutions that work for substance users better than drinking or drugging does, and believes Workit is one of them. She’s written extensively on her own experience through addiction into long-term recovery. My own company, Workit Health, has created our own recovery meeting format, called Workit Together. These meetings focus on personally defined self-care goals. We built out this option so we could include employees who weren’t in recovery from addiction to substances, but still might struggle with other issues. If someone isn’t ready to go into rehab it’s not because they’ve not yet reached their lowest point. People tend to seek help when something else outweighs the importance of using alcohol or other drugs, such as family, friends or career. Many people return to “controlled drinking” or move from problematic to low or moderate illicit drug use, especially if they access help early. His wife found a Contral Clinic online, and P. agreed to go.

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